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SARTopo: Better Mapping for Search and Rescue

→ What: SARTopo is a free, comprehensive mapping and planning solution for SAR. Watch a 3.5 minute video to learn more.


Part 1: Seamless, High Quality Maps

Allow everyone on your team to work off the same high quality maps, from hasty searchers to the command post. Supported platforms include ArcGIS, Mission Manager, Google Earth, web browsers, Android and iOS apps, BirdsEye-compatible Garmin GPSs and exact-scale PDF prints. Available layers include the highest resolution USGS scans available anywhere, Forest Service road and trail maps, aerial imagery, slope shading and more.

Part 2: Sarsoft Mapping and Planning Software

Take the web mapping platform behind CalTopo and add a number of SAR-specific features like operational periods, assignments and track management. You can start with the printing, marker and line features from CalTopo, and then ease into assignment maps and location tracking over time.

→ Where: Online or on the road, it's easy to make full use of SARTopo.

→ How: For maps or questions, please contact Matt Jacobs at info@caltopo.com.